NEXT 2019

July 18–20, 2019 @ NCIT
Brewing innovative minds.

NCIT Expo on Technology, “NEXT” will be the first ever nationwide fest on IT going to be organized by Nepal College of Information and Technology. This event involves an active participation of students from more than 37 affiliated colleges of Pokhara University, +2 colleges within the valley and other engineering colleges.

NEXT will give a chance to start, culminate new ideas and showcase student’s technical expertise on different fields. The fest will be a three-day grandeur which involves a series of competitions, workshops, seminars, boot camps and guest lectures by some eminent personalities.

NEXT is a fusion of creativity, imagination and innovation. It will be a perfect blend of entertainment technology and experience with the aim of rapid growth and development of the society.


Students become active participants in the learning process not only through the consumption of content but through critical thinking and problem solving by creating own content. So this event aims to provide following objectives:

  • To provide students a platform to demonstrate their talent and apply their skills which help them achieve their educational and professional goals.
  • To connect skilled students with members of senior management of various institutions and organization and impress them with their determination and passion.
  • To avail the students a new learning environment to challenge themselves and develop new learning skills.
  • To provide exposure and realistic outlook towards the competitive nature of real life.
  • To offer a chance to meet new people and learn more about the diverse fields they belong to.
  • To develop mutual understanding between the engineering institutions, domestic stakeholders and general public.

Organizers of NEXT 2019

Atul Kayastha


Suman Rimal

Event Planner

Nirwachan Gaire

Marketing Manager

Mohan Dhakal

Competition Manager

Pradip Thapa

Exhibition Manager

Aashish Nepal

Resource Manager

Jason Lamichhane

Technical Manager

Sabuz Rana

Record Manager

Rupak Panta

Creative Manager

Nischal Lal Shrestha

Publication Manager

Pramod Lamichhane

Human Resource Manager

Rejina Giri