July 16, 2019

Hackathon Themes for NEXT Hackathon 2019

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Themes for NEXT Hackathon 2019

NEXT feels proud to announce themes for the Hackathon where our shortlisted participants will deploy the theme idea to a product in a short time frame using tools and techniques that they are familiar with.

Health and Fitness


The purpose of this theme is to solve issues related to Health and Fitness imminent in our society.

Problem Explanation:

Our country faces lot of problems regarding health such as being overweight or obese, drug addiction, medical fraud, sanitation, mental health etc. Lack of knowledge regarding proper nutrition, lack of basic knowledge about medicine uses and lack of proper health education leads to problems mentioned above. We believe that with the use of technology we can contribute in delivering solutions to problems mentioned and more.

Environmental Issues


The purpose of this theme is to solve the environmental issues faced by our society in recent time.

Problem Explanation:

In Nepal, various activities have created a number of environmental problems such as loss of forest, forest degradation, soil erosion, air pollution, water pollution and unmanaged solid-waste.  Problems that falls under various categories in environmental issues are:

  1. pollution management
  2. recycling object utilization
  3. Water Sanitation and hygiene and more.

Transportation issues


This theme focuses on solving transportation-related issues and easing the problems that public and private vehicle users are facing every day.

Problem Explanation:

For a developing nation like ours where we have more vehicles than road capacity, it is common to have multiple transportation issues. These problems are not just faced by public vehicle users but also by both public and private vehicle owners and pedestrians. Some of the major problems observed in the area of transportation are:

  • Poor quality of service in public vehicles
  • Lack of proper regulation for public transportation services
  • Violation and poor enforcement of traffic rules
  • Too many private vehicles
  • Lack of proper parking places and lack of proper management and advertisement for parking places
  • Many polluting vehicles still in use
  • Poor planning in road construction causing congestion
  • Slow DOTM
  • Increase in pollution
  • Lack of proper sidewalk, zebra crossing, and overhead bridges etc.
  • Act of violence in public vehicles.

Tech for Education


This theme focuses on encouraging the use of technology in the field of education to change the traditional education system and to make sure that the right for education is available to everyone. It further aims to transform the meaning of education from just reading books to visualizing different aspects of real-life scenarios and implementation of ideas alongside reading books.

Problem Explanation

Even in this era of technology, our country Nepal still depends upon the traditional methodologies like rote-learning, exam-oriented, and teacher-centric teaching and learning practices. These practices aren’t based on the interest of learners, but rather rely on an outdated curriculum. The next major problem is even this traditional methodology of education isn’t reaching everyone. Some of the problems in the field of education that can possibly be eradicated by technology are as follows:

  • Poor quality of education
  • Education not reaching everyone
  • Lack of practicality in education
  • Irrelevant evaluation systems
  • Lack of encouragement for learners to be problem solvers, analytical thinkers and creative
  • Lack of proper educational infrastructures and facilities and rural areas
  • Isolated education system

Tourism 2020


The purpose of this theme is to aide in solving the issues related to tourism sector and support initiation of tourism year 2020 set to be celebrated by Nepal Government.

Problem Explanation:

Although Nepal is a culturally and naturally rich country we lack lot of things to promote tourism in our country. Lack of information about the places to visit: tourists don’t want to visit places without having enough information. In addition, overcrowding and environmental pollution in Nepal is also hampering the tourism development in Nepal. Personal Security is another big problem in the development of tourism sector as Nepal is unable to provide security and convenience for the tourist to encourage them to visit more.
There are many problem exists in tourism which can be solved through the use of technology to support Tourism 2020 campaign.