Call for Article

Inspire other people with your writing, write for NEXT 2019.

Call for article

Instructions for submitting article

Do you like to write?

Are you passionate about writing?

Inspire other people with your writing, let's write for NEXT 2019.

The NEXT 2019 welcomes the submission of unsolicited articles by outside authors for publication consideration at NEXT magazine 2019. The magazine will primarily focus but not limited to technology and will be published during the NEXT 2019.

Contact Point

For more information about submitting an article, please contact:

Nischal Lal Shrestha
+977 9866253930


How much content is necessary to submit an article?

There is no restriction on the quantity of the content but we prefer articles having at least 3 paragraphs (introduction, body, and conclusion).

My article has been accepted, now what?

After we received your article, a group of our moderators will go through your article and inform you if your article has been selected or not via email. Next, a very sophisticated team of editors will look for typos, spelling errors and contextual errors before publishing your article.

Can I submit multiple articles for the NEXT magazine?

Yes, you can submit multiple articles. But we cannot guarantee that all of your articles will be published. The publication of the articles depends on factors like quality of the article, relevancy of the article and the total number of articles we received.

I have an article in my mind, but it is not directly related to technology. What should I do now?

We are looking for articles that primarily focuses on technology but we will also accept articles that are remotely related to technologies.

Can I submit my article that has been published on other platforms like blog, newspapers, forums, etc?

No, the article should be entirely yours and it should not be published on any other platforms.

Can you give some article suggestions?

Yes. Here are some possible article suggestions:

  • Articles on today's and future technology like AI, Block-chain, 5G and much more.
  • Review on Tech applications(Like review of your favorite text editor, IDEs, programming language etc) .
  • Project Ideas and dreams.

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