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Hackathon in NEXT is an event, that lasts for 3 days in which different individuals from technical or non-technical background work together. It encourages the creativity of student and supports collaboration among them to come up with a product in a short time frame using tools and techniques that they are familiar with.

It comprises of group of individuals (max 4) working together to get a minimal viable product in given theme. Themes will be provided to participant 3 days before the event through e-mail. The actual event will start from 8 am ( 2nd of Shrawan) and will end at 5 pm for 2 days (2nd and 3rd of shrawan) and in the third day( 4th of shrawan) from 7:30 am till 12:30pm and price will be distributed in the closing ceremony thereafter.

Hackathon Format

NEXT hackathon is scheduled into 3 days as follows:

Day 1

  • Idea Presentation
  • Research, idea mentoring and implementation

Day 2

  • Implementation and mentoring

Day 3

  • Presentation
  • Prize distribution

Entry Fee

The entry fee per team is NPR 2000
Maximum of 4 members are allowed in a team.

Prizes and Certificates

Winner: NPR 20,000 + Certificate + $100 credit of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Runner Up: NPR 10,000 + Certificate
Best Idea: NPR 3,000 + Certificate
Best Presentation: NPR 3,000 + Certificate

Certificate of Appreciation + $75 credit of AWS will be given to all the participants.

Date and Time

Date: July 18, 2019–July 20, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM–5:00 PM (July 18–19, 2019)
7:30 AM–12:30 AM (July 20, 2019)


The deadline for form submission is July 12, 2019.

Contact Point

For more information, please contact:

Madhav Gautam
+977 9867681865

Mohan Dhakal
+977 9862790724

Shreeja Shrijan Shrestha
+977 9861523114

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