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Suman Rimal

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To complete your team profile:

  1. Make a copy of this file and name it firstname_lastname.md. Open that file and edit it. Don’t edit this original TEMPLATE file.

  2. Copy a photo of yourself to the /img/class/ directory. Name it using the firstname_lastname format. Make sure it is a square photo, if you look flat that’s probably because the picture isn’t square.

  3. Fill out the above fields as per the instructions below:

    • firstname/lastname: Your name as you want it displayed on the members page

    • photo: Filename of the photo you just added to the /img/class/ directory.

    • place: Where you’ve come from, this is important. We’re looking forward to visiting your place soon or later, that’s why.

    • email: Your email address or leave it blank if you don’t want to share.

    • phonenumber: ‘Your’, phone number. This field is optional too.

    • website: If you’ve website, we provide backlink to your website. :D

    • facebook: Your facebook url(like https://facebook.com/username). It’s all up to you if you wish to include or not.

    • twitter: Your twitter url(like https://twitter.com/username). This is an optional field.

    • linkedin: Link to your LinkedIn profile. Optional!

    • instagram: Link to your Instagram and this is not strict as well. Optional!

    • github: Link to your GitHub Page. Of course, optional!

    • memberid: In the future if we wish to manually sort the names, this could be a option. For now type in your favorite number.

  4. Delete all of this instructional text and replace it with a brief biography.

  5. Finally! Save the file, git commit, and git push!

Hint: This file uses Markdown formatting. You can use Markdown to add emphasis to your text, link to projects you’ve worked on, or link to files you’d like to share such as your resume. Here are some resources on learning Markdown:

  • https://guides.github.com/features/mastering-markdown/ - a reference guide
  • http://www.markdowntutorial.com/ - a more comprehensive tutorial