Robo Football

Watch Robots Play Like Humans.

Robo football

Robo Football is a league game competition, where two teams with 3 manually controlled Robots of each team will be competing against each other to score the highest score. The team with the highest score shall be the winner. This game is similar to normal football but instead of human, robots will be used to score points.


Build 3 remote-controlled robots to play football against opponents satisfying the constraints mentioned below.

Team Specification

  • A team should consist of a maximum of 4 members.
  • A team can be formed with players from same or different institute.

Design and Dimensions

    Each robot should be of the of 30cm x 30cm x 30cm and keeper can exceed up to 40cm wide.

    The maximum weight of each robot is 5 kg.

    Each team must have at least 3 robots and can have up to 5 robots.

    All robots are to be controlled wirelessly and manually.

    The robot cannot have any weapon that may harm other robot but they can have mechanisms for shooting or saving the ball.

Arena Specifications

    The arena is a simple 18ft x 12ft rectangle base enclosed by a boundary wall (height 20cm).

    All the marking shall be as per that of a regular football field which includes the centerline, center circle, and the D area.

    Size of the goal post will be 3 ft(l) x 2.5 ft(h)

    Foam ball with the size of 10 cm (approx) in diameter will be used.


    Each match will be of 6 minutes divided into 2 halves of 3 minutes each.

    Half time will be of 5 minutes for teams to repair any damage inflicted upon them.

    The game will follow the general rule of football by adding 3 minutes of extra time. If the draw continues, the game will be decided by penalty shootout.


    Robot demonstration (Fully Operating Robot) should be shown 3 days before the competition then only the team will be registered

    The potential difference between any two points must not exceed 24V

    No picking of the ball is allowed.

    No air blowing mechanism will be allowed.

    If a robot throws the ball outside the arena, then other bots will get an advantage of throw ball.

    In the case of the free-kick bot has to keep a minimum distance from the robot who is taking free-kick. Distance will depend on the position from where a free kick is taken.

    A penalty kick will be given in case of foul in the D area.

    Each penalty shootout will be of 30 second time (one on one).

    In the case of a foul, the bot will be given a warning (as Yellow Card) and if the mistake is repeated, that bot will be disqualified (as Red Card).

    Referee decision will be the final decision.

    Robot causing physical damage to the opponent robot will be immediately disqualified.

    Participants should build their own robots by themselves. The ready-made toy is not allowed.

Prizes and Certifications

The winner will be awarded the cash prize of Rs 25,000, certificate and medal.

The first runner up will be awarded the cash prize of Rs.15,000, certificate and medal.

There will be provision of best category award for deserving team.

Note: The teams which get disqualified due to disobeying any of the competition rules will not be considered for the certificate.

Registration Details

Registration Fee: Rs.1500

Deadline: Ashad 29, 2076

Register at Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT)

Balkumari, Lalitpur

Contact Point

For more information, please contact:

Subarna Tiwari
+977 9845706332

Rajan Maharjan
+977 9860124285