Walk-In Interview

No Applications, No Emails - Come, Impress and Get a Job!

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Walk-In-Interview at NEXT is an opportunity for students, tech enthusiasts to land into a job market or to get a lucrative internship oppurtunity. Just as the name suggests, in a walk-in interview, a candidate can simply walk into the interview venue without filling any applications or taking any prior appointment.

A candidate will meet with the Human Resource Manager or the representative of the company, and he or she will be interviewed by them.

NEXT strongly recommend interested individuals to carry multiple hard copies of their CV or Resume as it is the basis of the conversation between you and the interviewer.

Some tips for candidates

Carry a multiple hard copies of your CV or Resume.

Choose a formal piece of clothing and make sure the fit is comfortable.

Store all your documents in a small vinyl portfolio or plastic portfolio folder.

For interview, you may have to wait for a turn. Be polite with fellow candidates and have a patient.